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How we clean your oven…

Bostin Bright Ovens provide a unique and intensive oven cleaning and valet service on all types of ovens, ranges, hobs, microwaves and BBQs. The process we use to clean your oven is far superior to just a standard spray and wipe down. Our fully trained technicians utilise a vast assortment of professional cleaning tools to make quick work of any burnt on grease and food deposits.

Our process

The cleaning process starts with a visit to your house at a time that suits you. Our team of oven cleaning specialists are fully flexible, and can visit your home outside of normal working hours — including evenings, weekends and holidays.

We begin work by protecting your floor from any chemicals and equipment that may need to be brought into your home. Usually, we use a roll out flooring protector that covers the area in front of and around your oven.

Fault inspection

Our oven cleaning technicians are fully qualified to inspect your oven for any faults prior to cleaning your oven. If any are found, these are highlighted prior to working on your oven. It serves to protect our technicians from erroneous claims for damages, but more importantly,  it gives you the opportunity to order any necessary replacement parts, such as bulbs and fans.


After our pre-checks have been completed, we bring both your oven and our purpose-built dip tank to operating temperature. During this time our oven cleaning technician, will strip your oven of any removable parts such as doors, glass panels, interior fans, trays, grills and bulb cases, ready to be cleaned.

All of the removable items are placed into the dip tank, which has been primed with non-caustic products. This works to strip away all of the built up carbon deposits and usually takes around half an hour. During this time, our technicians get to work on the interior portions of your oven. We remove any rubber seals and side panels in order to gain access to the deepest recesses of your oven. This allows us to achieve a level of deep oven cleaning that many non-professional cleaners don’t reach.

before and after photos

Oven before and after our deep cleaning

We have a large variety of fume-free and non-toxic products at hand to tackle all aspects of oven cleaning. Depending on the severity of the cleaning job, different strength cleaners are used to get the best results. If anything proves particularly difficult to remove, we have industrial strength pastes designed to remove even the most stubborn dirt and grime, so no cleaning job is too tough for us to handle.

Once cleaned, the removable parts of your oven are retrieved from our specialist dip tank and re-installed, before a final wipe down and inspection. We recommend pre-booking your next inspection and clean with us for around six to nine month’s time. Regular cleaning of your oven will not only retain its near-new look, but will make it more efficient, too.

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